High quality security

Our GoPay Payment Gateway is secured with the latest technology
and meets all safety standards.

Safety and Reliability

We use only the latest technologies and fulfil a wide range of security requirements.

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    We are licensed as the institution of electronic money by the Czech National Bank to provide payment services and issue electronic money.

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    We are the regulated entity under supervision of the Czech National Bank and the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic. We fulfil necessary legal requirements.

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    Sensitive data

    We handle the payment cards data in accordance with the highest safety standards. When we are dealing with any sensitive data we follow the safety criteria.

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    3D Secure

    The payment card transactions are protected by your PIN code according to the amount of the payment. This contributes to the higher payment security.

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    128bit SSL

    Communication during payment transactions is encrypted using the latest certificates. Therefore the payment itself is always very safe.

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    We are a registered partner of two major card associations VISA and MasterCard. We fulfill all their requirements.

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    We maintain a long-term uptime of our payment gateway at 99.5 % and higher. All planned outages are performed during an off-peak period at night.

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    In the payment system operation we use the most reliable data centres and apply territorially separated IT infrastructure.

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    PCI DSS Level 1

    Our processes and technologies for processing credit card payments are in accordance with the highest security standards of card associations PCI DSS.

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    Fraud management

    We have developed a sophisticated system of protection against risk transactions. The parameters are tailored to each merchant’s needs.