A flat fee of 2.2 % + 0.11 EUR per transaction

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The top solution for the most demanding merchants requiring fast and convenient payments without any redirection.

When paying with the Inline Payment Gateway your customers remain on your web site at all times. The payment process appears as a natural step of the order and it has a positive effect on a ratio of successfully completed orders. Try out the Inline Gateway.

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Security is our top priority. Learn more about the payment security of our GoPay Payment Gateway.

Benefits of GoPay Payment Gateway

GoPay Payment Gateway is always able to adapt to your business.
Take advantage of all its benefits.

Payments without redirection

With the Inline Payment Gateway your customer remains on your web site at all times. It has a significant impact on a number of completed payments.

Many payment methods

Within GoPay Payment Gateway your customer receives all popular payment methods that can be used to pay for goods or services.


The payment gateway in your colours

The GoPay Payment Gateway will perfectly fit into colours of your web site. You can place on it your logo and also select the colours according to your needs.

One click payment

The gateway not only remembers the credit card, but is even continuously connected to it. Next payments will literally be „one click“.



The implementation of our GoPay Payment Gateway is as easy as using it for payments.
Check out our documents.

What do they say about our payment gateway?

We can chatter about our payment gateway forever.
We are, however, much more pleased that the users are talking positively about it.

For our various projects and services we were looking for a business partner who would enable us to offer all popular payment methods. We have found GoPay that offers a simple solution for not only us but also for our readers, business partners and customers. We appreciate a flexibility in solving technical issues and also a willingness to adapt a payment gateway to our needs.

Michal Hanak, Board member of Mafra, Inc.

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